Once hidden treasures, these are various fine furnishings I’ve found at estate sales and given renewed life to. Through careful research and design, these antique and vintage furniture pieces have been well-maintained, or thoughtfully refurbished and restored to be ready for your home.


Art is an expression of yourself that can bring any space to life. Here are some selected antique and vintage pieces of art that I’ve found unique and worthy of a homecoming.


For centuries, mirrors have been one of the focal points of a room and are considered an essential furnishing by many top interior designers. These antique and vintage mirrors tell their own stories with their unique shapes and trims, they will infuse character and history into your home.


Discover The Very Things that will flatter your space. Vintage décor and collectables will provide you with that final touch to complete your space and ambiance.


Elaine’s Unique Finds is currently featuring the works of sculptor Tony Jimenez. Tony was born in Guanacaste, Costa Rica in 1978, and began sculpting at 19 years of age. His preferred medium is wood, but Tony’s art integrates materials such as chains, wires, and stones or sculpted elements that stand out in their dynamic and surrealist style. He’s known for creating movement in his pieces, and for bringing out the texture, quality and color of the wood through his fine finishes.