Elaine’s Unique Finds is currently featuring the works of sculptor Tony Jimenez. Tony was born in Guanacaste, Costa Rica in 1978, and began sculpting at 19 years of age. His preferred medium is wood, but Tony’s art integrates materials such as chains, wires, and stones or sculpted elements that stand out in their dynamic and surrealist style. He’s known for creating movement in his pieces, and for bringing out the texture, quality and color of the wood through his fine finishes.

Tony says of his art, “Each sculpture is unique and has its own unique energy. People should understand that if a sculpture is resonating with them, that is special, and another sculpture may not speak to them even if it is by the same sculptor.”

Tony Jimenez is an internationally acclaimed sculptor. He is especially admired and respected in Nashua and Brookline, New Hampshire, and his star continues to rise. Three of Tony’s large scale, outdoor sculptures are located in Nashua, which are: La Familia (2013), For the Love of Friendship (2017) and We Are (2018). Additionally, examples of Tony’s superb work can be enjoyed by visiting the Andres Institute of Art in Brookline.

The sculpture We Are (2018), located at 146 Main Street, Nashua, is the most recent example of Tony’s work. Tony explains that We Are represents the beautiful city of Nashua. With its people of different races, cultures, ages and minds. All as part of one.

We share strength, wisdom and beauty.

We Are One.

“The arts are a wonderful language. When reading a book, images abound….listening to music, emotions erupt from within. When Tony creates an image, a form, his spirit takes possession of the viewer and all is well. His work speaks, sings, and is real. Most impressive is Tony’s understanding of his need to learn, so as to find the techniques and materials that will allow him to share his wonder of life. He has displayed his enjoyment with the balance of technology and creativity. To me, that kind of energy is paramount for artists of the entire sphere. With Tony, the act of producing artwork (in any medium) is an opportunity for him to teach. That is what he does.”

John Weidman,
Sculptor and Co Founder and Director of the Andres Institute of Art

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